Day 4 – September 13

My Birthday!  Hard to believe that I am actually celebrating my 72nd birthday in the bush of Botswana on a camera safari! I know I had a broad smile on my face as I started the morning.

Everyone on the drive wished me Happy Birthday then I was greeted by a fantastic sunrise and the elephants frolicking in the first light of day!

The leopard had his tummy full and wandered down to the river bed to take a quick 40 winks.  He then went back to his tree to declare himself King of that Tree!

It’s awesome to watch this many elephants march single file through the bush and not make a sound! The steembok’s legs look so thin to hold him up.

Coffee break with new friends.


More animals – The eland was hard to get a picture of since they are so fast.

After brunch we went down to the Photo Hide located there at the camp.  What a treat to sit inside and watch the baboons and the impalas come to drink!

The afternoon/evening drive was just as exciting as the others had been.  Everywhere we looked we saw not only animals and birds, but their actions in their natural habitat.

What a perfect ending to my birthday, a fabulous sunset, spotlighting a leopard and then a surprise birthday cake cooked by the Mashatu staff.  Love those people!

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