Day 2 – September 11

What a way to start the morning (even if it was at 5:30am!).  We were at the gazebo by 6:00am for a quick breakfast of cereal, fresh fruits, and coffee.  Then it was off to our 2nd drive.  This morning we were joined by 2 other couples, Chris and Joann from Germany, and Savan and Danielle from France.

The camp offered a 1/2 day in a “Photo Hide” with a professional photographer. But after the wonderful first drive, I decided I could not give up any of my drives.  It made no sense to me to sit for 1/2 day waiting for the animals to come to me when I could spend the time with the gifted Guide, Richard, and  his Tracker, “Commander”.  I knew they could take me to see a lot more wild life.  AND THEY DID!

This is what was left after the Hyenas got thru with a carcass.  Since they eat the bones too, their droppings are white!


We also went looking for some of the animals we had seen the night before.  When we found the 2 lionesses, 1 with 3 2-month old cubs, and 1 with 3 3-month old cubs, we found they had killed an Eland.  Also, we wanted to see how the male lion we had seen the previous day was doing  He was the father of both sets of cubs. The Reserve rule was no more than 3 jeeps could be at a sighting at any one time.

We found a different leopard today.  Richard, our Guide told us that the leopard was obviously stalking some impalas we had seen earlier.  Can you see it in the leopard’s eyes?

I never thought I would be fascinated with birds, but the ones in Botswana are just so beautiful. The lodge offered a  1/2 day “Mountain Bike” tour, but Ed elected not to participate.

After a coffee break with Rusks (like a biscotti), we went back to check out the leopard.  Richard had been told by another Guide that the leopard had killed one of the impalas and had left it at the base of the tree to take up later.

Back to camp for a great brunch on the gazebo around 11am.  Eggs and omelettes cooked to order, fresh fruits, baked goods, the best bacon I have every tasted and  more!

After brunch and until “high Tea” at 3:30pm was free time.   The pool was inviting since the temps were in the low 90s (but a dry heat), but we needed to catch up on some much needed sleep, so we took a nap!


At 4pm it was back out on another drive!  I didn’t think it could get any better, but it did! Not only did we find Daddy lion again, we found a mother cheetah and her 3 cubs!

After a sunset stop where we participated in our favorite beverages, we continued the drive doing “spotlighting”.  What a great surprise to get to see a leopard by spotlight!

And back to camp for another evening with great company, great food, and great sleeping!


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